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Donald MacKenzie

DMacK Photography

Hello and thank you for deciding to look in on my website.

I'm Donald MacKenzie and I live in the village of Glenfarg in Perthshire, Scotland. I was born and grew up in the Lochaber area of the West Highlands of Scotland.

What you see in here are the results of my meanderings around Scotland and beyond. For me, photography is a means of learning to look and to see. About really soaking in the incredible environment in which we live. The bonus then lies in being able to create an image, I hope, that reflects and conveys some of the mood I felt at the time I pressed the shutter.

Oh, and my other passion is wine.

If you see anything on here that you'd like a copy of, want to ask about any of the images, or would like to talk about me doing a photoshoot for you, then please contact me..